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027 sneakertime

May 1, 2009


summertime is sneakertime! you don’t need your buffaloshoes anymore. act like an american tourist and go nike, puma, tiger, adidas, supremebeing and vans! support the anti-crisis and be sure you survive this summer: buy at least one pair extra. my topsuppliers: 1 mr. ego, 2 fresh kicks and 3 waffles.


026 what crisis?

April 30, 2009


don’t mention the crisis. support the economy of our swamps and spend all your money in local shops. f.e.: buy every month a new bshirt… yes, go shopping like a maniac! buy stuff you don’t need, maybe it will be usefull in a couple of years. but just keep your money in our own city. there will be no crisis in the swamps.

pussies in the swamps

April 24, 2009


no panic, i am still surviving. but this week i was very busy guiding some real pussies from ghent through the swamps. those dudes are very creative and smart, but they are still pussies. and you’ll see: soon there will be a metro and a sushishop in ghent. copypussiecats.

025 brunch till you die

April 19, 2009


last week i discovered the sunday-all-you-can-eat-for-16euros-brunch in cafe modele. what a hit! so this morning i was in modele again for a fresh orange juice, a hot drink and the best brunch ever seen and tasted in bxl. cheap: no. expensive: no. but everything i need for surviving the next week, so see you next sunday. get addicted!

024 downgrade your iPhone now

April 15, 2009


my number one surviving tool is my iPhone. unfortunately everyday iPhoned survivors are kidnapped and attacked in the swamps by bandits from the inland country. is that a reason why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone in this city? no, they can’t bring us down and we are not stupid, so we invented the zweiPhone stickers! they don’t bring only classic design history back: they make surviving in the swamps a lot safer. a set of 14 stickers and posters are now available! (limited edition of 500 sets). buy today or get robbed in a week! (thx to badhairboy)

023 miss your tram

April 14, 2009


put the balearicamix on your iPod before you leave at work today. forget where you parked your car or miss your tram or bus and walk home with inear aeroplanemusic or outear sparrows and policesirens. before the next tram is passing you, you won’t regret you missed the one before. summer is in the swamps! (thx to frederik)

022 go marcolini

April 12, 2009


in the swamps it’s easter every day. with bunnies and lot’s of chocolate. i get mine at the chocolatemaster himself: pierre. some people are saying pierre is to expensive. i say: the haute couture chocolate of pierre marcoline is to cheap for what you get. and if you want to survive, you need the best chocolate in the world. smell, taste and buy it at pierre’s flagshipstore at le grand sable, an absolute must.